Stormtrooper Leathers – The Ultimate Christmas Biker Gift – FACT

I’m not allowed to own a motorcycle but after seeing these Stormtrooper leather armor suits I might consider taking lessons.

Other Stormtrooper suits out there are usually constructed from plastic but these gorgeous pieces of Star Wars greatness are made from good ol’ grade-A cowhide – the stuff that’s been protecting bikers for years.

The neat thing is that you can mould leather just like plastic so you get all that lovely angular detailing on the torso, midsection and legs of the armour. The various components are adjustable too, allowing the suit to be customised to different body shapes and the design even features a hiddne zip.

You have a choice of the mean and moody Shadow Trooper Black or the more traditional Imperial White – the thing is you’d better be quick as only 500 of the suits will be produced with a complete outfit costing around $1,150 ($1,165.00 CDN).

You’ll also have to find somewhere to make you a motorcylce grade helmet as the ones in the pic aren’t real skid lids.

Check out the Stormtrooper leathers in all their fabness here.

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