Android N nav bar radical update planned

Android NI may have overdone the headline a little (a lot) but it looks as though Google will be changing the look of its navigation buttons for mobile devices.

This latest rumour surrounding the next update of Google’s mobile operating system which will be Android N, concerns the navigation bar.

The nav bar displayed on the next Nexus phones, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, could well look like the picture below.

The new buttons have been… wait for it… filled in! I know! O – M – G !!!

OK, so not exactly earth shattering news but the interesting bit is actually the home button. This is also opaque but there’s some new animation action triggered by a long press.

According to Android Police here’s what happens:

various colors expanding in their corresponding directions until they all file out horizontally.”

nexus android n navigationThis leak comes from a reliable mole who’s got some things right in the past; so this comes with some credibility.

So, the new Nexus phones could well be seen sporting this new funky home button. I am interested to see if this update is only used on the the Sailfish and Marlin or rolled out to all Android N devices.

How excited are you?