StompIO – Revolutionary Modelling?

StompIOI have been prodded and asked “why don’t you review more amps/effects/cabs, etc here as you’re a musician?”

So – here’s  a noteworthy piece of gadgety goodness that has recently caught my eye.

It’s the StompIO– which is a USB connected interface for AmpliTube and the makers, IK Media, call it a “Revolutionary stage controller”.

I think “revolutionary” may be pushing it – I have used a Line 6 Bass POD XT with a shortboard controller for the past 4 years for both live and studio work – have even used it DI’d for a gig when my rig failed to materialise on time!  The POD series are also amp and effect modellers that can be tweaked and new stuff downloaded via a USB connection to your puter through Line 6’s fabulous site.

The StompIO gives you control over all “Powered by AmpliTube®” software/plug-ins with the same feeling of a traditional stomp box – no need to even look at the computer screen or touch the mouse. 

The StompIO comes with 5 software packages: AmpliTube 2, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, AmpliTube Metal and AmpliTube X-GEAR.

It costs 799 euros so isn’t dirt cheap and most of us musicians aren’t rich! – Until I actually hear the noises it makes I’m going to reserve my judgement for now. 

I have used Amplitute software before and know that their modelling is good – I’ve yet to put POD v Amplitude yet and would love the chance to get it through my rack and hear what it can do live.