Stocking Stuffer – Big Trak Jr

I for one was really happy to see the return of Big Trak at the start of this year and hence why this little fellla should appear in my Stocking Stuffer list 2010.

Big Trak Jr is a minimised version of the full sized programmable future-truck (which has also recently returned to the stores!) but does have some really cool features.

You’re able to punch in up to sixteen commands, go any which way, firing the ‘photon cannon’, save favourite programs with the new ‘memory save’ feature and you can take it on some exciting new missions when upgraded with electronic accessories.

There’s word that a rocket launcher and a digital camera will be available as additions to this classic and much-loved tech toy.

It’s gotta be a winner – treat someone (or yourself) and get one now from Amazon for £23.40

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