Still use Wikipedia during the SOPA Blackout

wikipedia-blackout-work-aroundI warned you yesterday but now all I hear is wailing and gnashing of teeth now that Wikipedia shut down for the day to protest against proposed US piracy laws. One of my good friends even updated his Facebook Timeline with I no longer know anything! Come back Wikipedia!.

Fear not though – I have a way for you to stay ‘clever’ 😉

How do you get around the “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge” blackout page?

Well, not everything has gone. There are still articles about SOPA and PIPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act laws which are accessible. But that’s not going to win the pub quiz is it?

To step around the locked doors just head to the mobile site at

You may have also noticed that Wikipedia’s smart phone apps still work too – PHWEW! Little Timmy can still cheat do his homework 🙂

Google, Mozilla, WordPress and 18,000 (apparently) other sites have joined in the online blackout in order to highlight the harmful effects of the proposed legislation.

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