Stihl HSA 45 cordless hedge trimmer review

Stihl HSA 45 hedge-trimmer


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  • Stihl quality
  • Cordless
  • Decent battery life
  • Well balanced
  • Simple operation


  • Can't just buy from any high street store

stihl HSA45 trimmer review We have been impressed by Stihl’s battery-powered gardening equipment before. So, when we got word of the HSA 45 cordless hedge-trimmer, it was time to drop the long-handled shears.

Stihl is well known for reliable, well-designed garden tools for professional gardeners. However, this is the first cordless hedge trimmer aimed at those with smaller gardens.

The HSA 45 uses a different battery-powered system to the other Stihl tools we have tested. Where the BGA 56 and FSA 56 are powered by removable rechargable cells that can be used in other tools in the range, the HSA 45 has an in-built unit.

Another interesting fact is that the HSA 45 costs half the price of Stihl’s next cordless trimmer.

So, is this hedge-trimmer the bargain it appears to be?

Stihl HSA 45 trimmer design

Stihl HSA 45Firstly, the HSA 45 is dressed in Stihl’s familiar orange and pale grey livery.

It is equipped with a double-sided, 50 cm (20-inch) cutting blade with single-edged teeth spaced at 24 mm.

This enables it to tackle branches up to 8 mm in diameter, perfect for trimming annual growth.

Thanks to the integrated 18 V Lithium-Ion battery you can expect up to 40 minutes of runtime. A full charge from empty takes 210 minutes.

Stihl HSA 45On the left side is a clear battery level indicator.

The tip protector includes a helpful hole that allows you to mount it easily on the wall.

Stihl HSA 45Over on the right you’ll find two small holes. These are for the safety key. Without the key in-situ the trimmer will not fire up. Further safety is brought by the combination of grips needed to engage the tool. Additionally, the trimmer ships with a plastic blade cover. Yeah, it’s orange of course.

The HSA 45 weighs just 2.3 kg so is easy on your arms.

Stihl HSA 45 performance

Stihl HSA-45Taking the trimmer out of its box for the first time I was relieved to see that the same Stihl quality was still in evidence. Remember, this is quite a lot cheaper than the next cordless trimmer from the company (HSA 56).

It would be easy for them to skimp on materials and such, but that would so go against what the German firm has stood for since it started.

The HSA 45 possesses excellent balance in use. Even though my garden is quite small (I live in London so happy to get any private outdoor space!) I was able to whiz through the border greenery without a break. This is not quite the same story when I use my shears.

Stihl HSA 45The cordless trimmer was able to get through the sycamore tree branches coming over from the nearby railway embankment, as well as the old laurel hedging. Entwined amongst the woody branches are ivy, honeysuckle, as well as the joys brought by hedge bindweed.

Apart from narlier, older branches, the HSA 45 was able to dispatch everything in its path.

The 40 minutes charge is more-than-enough for my estate. However, if you have many metres of tall hedgerows to maintain, then the HSA 56 with its replaceable packs may be more to your needs. Personally, I think the 45 will be trimmer enough for more urban gardens.

Additionally, the low noise and vibration is another advantage of this particular trimmer. Moreover, the low maintance and easy starting/stopping offered by this tool when compared to petrol machinery goes without saying. Furthermore, you get all the benefits over corded, mains-electric machines, as the HSA 45 can be used anywhere, without restrictions.

My shears are looking at retirement brochures.

Stihl HSA 45 trimmer review conclusion

What’s not to love? Stihl quality at a pocket-friendly price point. Additionally, cordless tools enable you to get to the furthest corners of your boundary without the risk of trailing cables.

The battery life is enough for most gardens and an 80% charge is achieved in 145 minutes.

As with all Stihl equipment, you will have to collect from an authorised dealer. Here you will receive a detailed handover of the product to ensure you get the most from your new machine.

Stihl HSA 45 price and availability

You can buy the Stihl HSA 45 hedge-trimmer right now for £99.

Check Stihl online to find your nearest stockist.