Steve Jobs Worked on iPhone 5 Design – Changed his Mind about Large Phones

Steve Jobs Designed iPhone 5The design, according to the interweblogosphere, for iPhone 5 hasn’t yet been decided but word out there is that Steve Jobs himself was working on the next gen smartphone’s form.

It’s more-or-less agreed that the next iPhone will have a larger screen than its current 3.5-inch form factor but there’s little hope that it will be the 4.6-inch monster of rumour.

Jobs famously criticised the move to larger form factors, opining that “no one’s going to buy” a big phone.

Well, looking at the  HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, large screens are en vogue at the moment, especially in Apple’s American homeland.

According to Bloomberg Steve Jobs, “had worked closely on the redesigned phone before his death in October.”

This means that the move from the 3.5-inch display, which the iPhone has kept over the last five versions, in favour of a 4-inch screen could well have been down to iSteve rethinking his design plans for iPhone 5.

Are you happy with the current 3.5-inch iPhone or would you prefer something bigger in your pocket? Perhaps Ashton knows what the iPhone 5 will look like?

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