5 Steps how to design like Apple [video]

apple design 2012Steve Jobs was a perfectionist as well as being very market savvy – but it’s the way that Apple products have been designed and put together which has people queueing out in all weathers to buy.

Apple engineers and designers, lead by Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc Jony Ive, go through hundreds of revisions on every prototype before they’d dare hand them over to iSteve. But Jobs’ maniacal obsession paid off and has set Apple with a name synonymous with ease of use and clean, uncomplicated design.

No gadget on the market is presently as instantly recognisable nor as coveted as the latest iteration of an Apple product. The company’s dedication to sleek design and intuitive, user-friendly technology has made each iPad, iPhone, Mac and Macbook launch an enormous success.

And how did Jobs and Apple do it? The company follows a set of simple but strict rules to ensure that every product meets Jobs’ standards for clean and flawless design. First, design must complement and improve the product’s usability, never detract from it. And of course, Apple’s sleek and uncomplicated aesthetic must be reflected by every component of the product, no matter how small.

Check out the video below 🙂

How to Design Like Apple from Minute MBA by OnlineMBA.com

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