Steinway & Sons SPIRIO | r Self-Playing Piano

Steinway & Sons’ SPIRIO | r is the pianola of the iPad generation

Steinway & Sons’ SPIRIO | r could well be the most advanced pianola available right now. Alternatively, it could be seen as possibly being the largest hi-res audio player currently available. Either way, we dare to say that it is unique.

Steinway & Sons is a legendary piano maker and has been plying its trade since 1853. Additionally, this renowned company has contributed to many innovative evolutions of piano technologies throughout the years.

Steinway & Sons SPIRIO | r

SPIRIO | r – The Evolution

This piano-based evolution started back in 2015 with Steinway & Sons’ introduction of SPIRIO, a high-resolution player piano. By simply using an iPad, you could access a vast, ever-growing library of music, virtually indistinguishable from live performances played by renowned international pianists. Naturally, you could always play the piano yourself, too.

The SPIRIO music library currently consists of more than 4,000 pieces, and each month, the content available on the SPIRIO app grows.

steinway & sons spirio r

With SPIRIO | r, pianists now can record, edit, playback, search and save their performances in Steinway’s proprietary high-resolution format.

SPIRIO | r is designed to give artists and engineers intuitive controls in multiple file formats, including SPIRIO high-resolution, MIDI and MP3 high quality sampled audio. Native to the SPIRIO app, the SPIRIO editor provides the world’s only advanced iPad-based high-resolution editing capabilities to SPIRIO files. We are told that this preserves all the music and enables you to edit every nuance of your SPIRIO recordings.

Steinway & Sons SPIRIO | r

SPIRIO | r integrates into multiple musical environments through various forms of connectivity, and the flexibility of remote firmware updates enables users to easily add future features as they are released.

SPIRIO | r is available in a model D-274, the concert grand of Steinway & Sons, and model B-211 via the authorised Steinway & Sons dealer family, the latter priced at £127,000. The Limited Edition Black Masterpiece (which has just launched and includes Spirio r technology) costs £262,500.