SteelSeries QcK+ gaming surface review

SteelSeries QcK+ gaming surface


Build quality




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  • Mouse moves really easily over it
  • Looks good
  • Good size
  • Stitched to prevent fraying
  • Available in two sizes


  • Cheaper alternatives

steelseries qck+ gaming surface reviewOver the years I have used many mouse pads and, more recently, gaming surfaces. Those lovely people over at SteelSeries sent GadgetyNews one of their natty-looking QcK+ Limited surfaces to check out.

After covering the news about the release of the QcK Limited pads at the end of last year, we knew we just had to try one out.

Just like skimping on cheap tyres on an expensive car, ignoring the importance of a good surface for your gaming mouse after spending a fair chunk of cash on your PC and monitor is easily done.

The thing is, whilst seeming like a minor point, it’s an important one. A smooth, hassle-free surface can improve your aim and help you dominate your chosen gaming arena.

Does the SteelSeries newest QcK pads perform? There’s only one way to find out.

QcK+ Limited design

As the name suggests, the QcK+ Limited is a larger version of the QcK Limited. This measures 45cm by 40cm compared to the smaller version that comes in at 32cm by 27cm.

The mat is 3mm thick and features a micro-woven cloth surface with a higher thread count than the original QcK line. This makes a more flexible surface which is suitable whether you use an optical or laser mouse.

steelseries qck+ pattern surfaceIf you’re still using a ball mouse… perhaps we should have a chat 😉

The surface sports a neat black and white geometric pattern. This ties in nicely with the design on the headband wrap of their awesome-looking SteelSeries Arctis headsets.

steelseries qck+ stitched edgesThe bottom left corner rocks the company’s logo, and the outside edge features black stitching to prevent the material from fraying. Something that my current desk surface mat could have done with.

steelseries qck+ mat backFlipping the mousepad over you’ll see the non-slip rubber backing. This is also emblazoned with the SteelSeries logo.

QcK+ Limited performance

I bought a pair of budget Perixx DX1000 surfaces to protect my shared office desk as well as it providing a surface for our mice. That was only three years ago. That mat has started to discolour as well as fray at the edges.

My Nova Winner II micro optic mat is still pretty good but I find I prefer the soft surfaces much more friendly. Also, I am less likely to run the mouse off of one of these surfaces mid-game.

steelseries qck+ and rival700Using a SteelSeries Rival 700 mouse I went about seeing just how well it tracks.

I should be able to find improvements over my aging surface as SteelSeries says that the micro-woven surface of these pads was tested by the sensor manufacturer that SteelSeries uses. I am assuming they mean Pixart.

The thing is, they don’t say just how they tested it.


I started off by setting the CPIs on the Rival 700 to 1000 and 3000. It’s handy having a mouse that can take these kinds of presets, especially as I can flick between them on the fly.

qck+ cpi settingsAt all settings the mouse tracked perfectly no matter where it was placed, and no matter how small or large the movements were.

qck+ cpi settings bonkersGetting a bit braver I ramped up the settings to what I call ‘bonkers mode’. The DCPI is now ramped up to 16000 on the second setting.

When compared to my gaming surface as well as the gaming mousepad, the results were the same.

I found that the tracking differed minimally between the surfaces, if I am totally honest. This could be more down to the extremely accurate sensor in the Rival 700 though.

Where I did find the thread count making a difference, however, was in how smoothly the mouse moved.

Going back to my original surface, the mouse actually felt heavier, and not as quick to react. The rubbery mouse pad also didn’t feel as slick, or as comfortable to use either.

These findings were even more apparently when making smaller movements with the mouse in editing utilities and the like.

This all must be due to the high thread count in the SteelSeries QcK+ Limited. As there are smaller / fewer gaps between the threads this makes a much smoother surface for the mouse to glade over.

SteelSeries QcK+ Limited review conclusion

I cannot deny that the QcK+ Limited mouse pad did make for a more comfortable gaming surface than my other pads. Also, the ease at which the mouse glides across the surface did make for seemingly faster and smoother movements.

steelseries qck+ gaming surface reviewThe stitching around the edges will surely add to the mat’s longevity and I am keen to see how this pans out. I also liked the geometric design. The fact that it goes well with my mostly white kit is just a lucky coincidence.

I am not sure how much better the tracking is using the QcK+ and this might be more apparent with a mouse lesser than the Rival 700 or even my much-loved Corsair M65.

I am going to wrap this up by saying that the QcK+ certainly looks and feels like a quality gaming surface. My mouse moved effortlessly over it and I am sure some might even find it more accurate. For a relatively small outlay when compared to your other gaming kit, I would recommend the QcK+ as I am sure it will also last longer than many of its competitors.

SteelSeries QcK+ Limited price and availability

You can log your interest and get notified when the SteelSeries QcK+ is available. It will cost £21.99.

If the 17.7- x 15.75- x 0.12-inches of the plus is too much, the QcK Limited (12.6- x 10.6- x 0.12-inches) can be yours for £14.99.