SteelSeries outs new QcK Limited gaming surfaces

qck-and-rival-700SteelSeries is well known as an innovator in gaming peripherals – check out our review of their Rival 700 mouse. It has just introduced a new design and materials to the company’s best-selling gaming mousepads, with the QcK Limited and QcK+ Limited.

My black gaming surface is well loved. In fact, there’s bits that are no longer black. It’s also getting a bit frayed on the edges. It’s time for a refresh.

Funnily enough, SteelSeries has just updated its award-winning gaming mousepads.

Next gen QcK Limited

The new range is packed with new features to increase accuracy, comfort, and longevity.

These new mousepads feature a never-fray stitching along the edges to ensure durability and prevent fraying or peeling. These are obviously aimed at professional gamers.

Tested by the industry’s top sensor manufacturer, the pads have a new micro-woven cloth surface. This has been designed to optimise tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors. The high thread count and surface consistency help to improve mouse glide by minimising friction. Handy in situations where even micro-seconds count.

qckAccording to Jason Christian, Category Manager for Gaming Surfaces, Mice and Keyboards:

A great gaming mousepad delivers pixel-perfect accuracy, comfort, stability, and durability even after prolonged use,”

Both feature a non-slip base that ensures the mousepad remains anchored to any surface, eliminating the worries of unwanted movement during the most heated gaming sessions.

Jason also adds:

We listened to our experts, gamers and fans, and are confident that the new QcK Limited line will become an integral part of any battle station.”

QcK Limited price and availability

The QcK Limited measures 12.6- x 10.6- x 0.12-inches. The QcK+ Limited is 17.7- x 15.75- x 0.12-inches.

Both are now available for £14.99 and £21.99 respectively.

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