SteelSeries Arctis Artist Collection headbands

SteelSeries Arctis HeadphonesSteelSeries has just unveiled a bold line of headband accessories for the Arctis gaming headset line.

In partnership with artists and designers, SteelSeries offers a full line of original headband designs.

These feature bold colours and gaming-inspired designs that transform the Arctis into uniquely beautiful statement-making headsets.

The Artist Collection

SteelSeries worked with acclaimed artists Lauren Asta and ThankYouX for unique and one-of-a-kind designs for their Arctis Artist range.


Asta splits her time between San Francisco and the home of SteelSeries HQ: Chicago. Her large, striking murals are inspired by the communities of those cites. Her Artist Series headband represents her love of the gaming community.


ThankYouX made a name for himself on the streets of Los Angeles with his colourfull and iconic spray paint stencils. To create his artist series headband, ThankYouX drew inspiration directly from the Arctis headsets.

SteelSeries has partnered with select artists from Design by Humans to create an exclusive series of headbands all inspired by gaming and the culture it has created.

SteelSeries Artist Arctis headbandsOut of these 9 unique designs, the gaming community will have the opportunity to choose which design will be available next.

The community can cast their vote at:

Vibrant Colours & Patterns

The designers at SteelSeries chose a series of 3 unique colours including, Glacier, Solar and Winter Night along with creating 3 unique patterns called Crushed Snow, Crushed Dawn and Crushed Dusk.

Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO, says

Inspired by the artistry of game designers and the passion of street artists, the Arctis headbands represent our belief that gaming and the culture it has curated is beautiful and expressive. The Arctis design and vision comes fully to life with the headbands. We partnered with world-renowned artists, along with our own designers and engineers to bring accessories that can transform an Arctis into something wildly unique while still maintaining the fact that they look better than any other gaming headset on the market.”

Arctis headband price and availability

Arctis headband accessories are available now exclusively at SteelSeries for £11.99.