Steam Machine price list live – starts small, gets silly

steam machineFollowing on from Zotac’s unveiling of their SN970 Steam Machine, Valve has come clean on how much their foray in to the living room will cost users.

Bringing PC gaming in to the family room will cost as little as $460 (£302), which isn’t bad as most PC gamers will testify getting a half-near decent rig isn’t cheap.

The Steam Machines are all listed on the Steam website which displays 15 different manufactures hocking their wares. Some makers showing multiple products.

The usual suspects are represented – Alienware, Asus, Falcon Northwest, Origin, and Maingear as well as other notables such as Scan and Gigabyte.

The PC/console hybrids start from as low as $460, but for those gamers that want an all-singing, all-dancing model, that will set you back a whopping £5,000 (£3,300). There are two of these super-priced Steam Machines on the website.

That’s the bit I don’t get. For that kind of coin you could have a custom machine made to your specifications. Mine cost a third of that and will play anything I chuck at it.

steam os gamesGranted, the official Steam Machines will, or should be, optimised to run the Steam OS platform. Thankfully the SteamOS games list is pretty meaty as you can see above – these are just a fraction of the sale items.

The Steam Machines will launch in the US in November so stay tuned on what will be crossing the water for UK gamers in a few week’s time.

Will you be getting a Steam Machine or would you rather custom-build your own small form gaming PC?