Steam In-Home Streaming squirts games around your home

steambigpictureSteam was looking for testers of the streaming service beta back in November and now In-Home Streaming has just gone live.

Steam’s In-Home Streaming service has spent the last 6 months in beta and has come out the other side to be available to all.

If you’re in the kind of household that has access to a bunch of computers you can now link them all up and then remotely install and play PC games just like you were sitting at your desk.

steam in-home streamingAs you might expect, this also enables access to titles on machines running other operating systems, such as OS X, Linux and, naturally, SteamOS.

You’ll still have to wait a bit to get your Steam Machine, but if you can’t wait to give Steam streaming a whirl, all the info you’ll need to get started is here.

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