Stealthbot USB Sneaks in Logs Keystrokes Without Anyone Knowing

stealthbotDon’t trust your staff, partner or just plain nosey?

Well, if you see yourself as a James Bond type or perhaps you’re simply voyeuristic the StealthBot Computer Spy could be ideal.

Just shove this USB key into any computer and within 5 seconds it will insert a set of ‘nano’ routines which sneakily capture key strokes, screen shots and web browsing history.

You can even unplug the device after installation and it will continue to store the snooped data (up to 10,000 screen grabs at regular intervals onto the 1 GB memory) and it’s apparently totally undetectable by anti-malware products.

When the coast is clear you can sneak back and retrieve the data later on by reinserting the USB key.

Spies will have to spend $159.95 but that can be replaced by the various bribes 😉

Via the place of Ferrety goodness 🙂