Stay on Target With Android X-Wing Targeting Computer GPS

What better way to join the various Star Wars GPS voice-overs (and Mr Brian Shouty Blessed) than to be directed to your intended destination by means of a Rebel Alliance targeting system?

Flash developer Christopher Caleb decided that his Mini needed more of an X-Wing Fighter vibe and created this Android app using Adobe’s AIR platform.

You get the bleeps and raspberries from trusty ol’ R2-D2 as well as other sound effects.

The great news is that it could be ported over to your iPhone or BlackBerry fairly soon. 🙂

When not headed down a trench of the nearest orbiting planet-killer you can flick the Targeting Computer app over to clock mode.

Handy for keeping tabs on what you’re up to so as not to miss last orders at the Cantina.

I might even have a suggestion for an ideal car-coat to stay in character 😉

Check it out in action below.

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