StarWars toys that SHOULD be made

SmoulderingHomesteadHere are a few designs of toys that, if we all hassle Lucas and co should get made dammit!

The brains behind these toys is fellow Londoner McMorran.

“So, what else is there after the destroyed ‘Moisture Farm Playset’?” I hear you scream….  Well you need the charred remains of Luke’s Aunt and Uncle for a start to complete the playset!  Yup, they’re in the line up in suitably crispy form.

StarWars Toys

The rest of the selection on offer includes the ‘Force’ action figure (my fave), that dead Ewok from Jedi or a handfull of rocks from the Princess’s home planet Alderaan freshly destroyed by the Death Star.



Brilliant, just brilliant!

What more is there to say?