Stand-by Monster Gives You Evil Eye When You Leave Your Gadgets On

standby_monsterThere’s plenty of ways in which we can cut down our power-usage; the most obvious is turning off our tech.

I don’t mean ‘put on stand-by’ but actually turn it off!

My previous statement makes more sense when you take into consideration that devices left on stand-by consumes around 15% of domestic electricity.

So, in order to reduce this bad habit, Rachel Turner, a UK designer has put forward this simply brilliant concept which goes by the name of Standby Monster.

I found the Standby Monster via Cutie Gadget and would get some for me (although mainly to shove over the LEDs on my band gear 😉 ).

Inspired by the fear of that monster, you know, that lurks in the dark and/or under your bed.

It’s a small plastic lens with a sticky back-surface that’s shaped like monster eyes.

Just stick it over the standby light and you’re left with evil eyes glaring at you when you turn off your lights before going to bed.

Will you be able to sleep soundly knowing that there’s a bunch of eyes glowing away around your abode?

Hopefully this will force you to turn off those evil eyes via the wall socket.

Standby Monster is of course made from recycled materials. 🙂