Spyball – The Sneaky Networked Sphere Bot

spyballWowWee just loves bots that can spy on folk.

Now there’s a new one and it goes by the unsneaky name of Spyball.

This spherical snooper is designed to roll around before popping out a webcam to beam live pictures over the web (MWAHAhahahahaahh!).


Like other offerings from WowWee the Spyball can be controlled from any web connected PC, and can also connect to any local PC, games console or even mobile phone.

It’s packed with Wi-Fi so once hooked up to your network it’s ready to snap stills or moving pictures.

As well as rolling around, it’ll manage 360-degree turns too – and it’s a stealthy little blighter as it moves around hardly making a sound.

So, whether you want to make sure that your partner has actually put the dinner on, spy on the kids or just wanna scare the cat when your bored at work I reckon Spyball will suit all occassions 🙂