Spy Lazer Chase – 21st Century Tag / Tig

laserglovesHere’s something else to help make me feel my age; darn it!!

Back in my day (yes we had colour television back then!) one of simplest playground games to play was tag/tig.

All you needed was a bunch of folk – no other equipment was required. If you had a tennis ball then 4 square or Punch would have happend.

So tig or tag, depending where you’re from, basically involved running wildly round the playground if you were ‘It’ trying to tag or tig anyone who got in your path.

For some reason these days you can’t play that without lasers shooting from your hands.

Simply strap one onto your wrist and send a beam at your opponent by creating a fist – kinda like laser Wolverine claws I guess.

The tagging gloves have a 45 metres range, and a sound bar that gives you ‘authentic’ shooting noises, and the glove will even measure how many lives you have left.

Each player starts with five which decrease every time they get hit, and seeing as it’s not that expensive I expect kids of all ages to be sporting these soon.

I’m thinking bout getting some for the festivals – good drunken sport methinks 😉

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