Spy Hunter, the price of games and… Cheryl Cole!

spy hunter ps vitaSometimes gamers want a small slice of pleasure before the main course, so ladies and gentlemen… let me bring Spy Hunter to the table.

Looking at what little reviews of this game there were, it’s time to have a second look with a side dish of nostalgia.

TT Fusion’s Spy Hunter got panned globally, why?

Well first off, when Evolution Games can release Motor Storm RC at a retail price of £3.99 the buck stops there for most of us. Games like Spy Hunter at £34.99 are always going to suffer as the gaming public guard their wallets for big game releases.

But hang on, we actually really enjoyed Spy Hunter for what it was.

Your high-tech G-6155 interceptor super-car is armed extensively with advanced weaponry, exploding mine traps, cloaking devices and tyre shredders. It also blasts out heat seeking missiles, all to help you try and beat a global terrorist organization set on world domination. Well it can’t be that bad can it?

spyhunter psv

Deploying machine gun fire and ramming cars out of the way is what we liked about this game. Seamlessly transforming into an off-road assault vehicle then morphing into a heavily armed, high-powered speed boat was pretty fun, just fun with a very expensive price tag. Once this game finds itself on the PS Vita Price Drop tab then I’m sure the Vita folk will give this a go, even if it’s just for the easy trophy count. You just have to remember this is a re make of a 1983 classic arcade game and it has an obligation to stay true to the original.

Granted, the game’s not deep. It’s the Cheryl Cole of gaming: pretty, but needs a lot of extra support to be a hit.

With games like Sine Mora and Jet Set Radio out now and under £10, its time now for gaming developers to look at each game and ask themselves…is this worth the asking price?


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