Spotify releases Guilty Pledgers donation scheme

guilty pledgersMusic streaming service, Spotify, has unveiled the Guilty Pledgers app, a service that allows music fans to donate money to their favourite charity in exchange for adding their guilty pleasure tune to a party playlist.

The idea behind the app (that works from within Spotify’s desktop app) is that Spotify users will sign up to throw a Guilty Pledgers house party that syncs up with their Facebook account. The invited guests can then add songs to the party playlist from any browser on any device which is sent directly to the Spotify app in near real-time. All the donations go through Just Giving, which supports over 13,000 charities.

Guilty Pledgers is the brainchild of Andy Whitlock, Ben Tomlinson and Katy Theakston who decided to combine their creative and technological experience to do something charitable in their spare time.

Andy Whitlock says “We wanted to make fundraising as feel-good as possible. And what could feel better than partying to your absolute favourite tunes without your friends being able to judge you?”

Will you be giving this a whirl? Sounds pretty good to me.


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