Spotify music streaming coming to Xbox One

Major Nelson Spotify Xbox OneMicrosoft is bringing Spotify to their Xbox gaming console.

The music streaming service Spotify should finally make its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One very soon.

A report confirming user posts on Reddit proves that a beta version of the app is being tested internally at Xbox.

The Spotify app has been available on PlayStation 4 since 2015, so Xbox users have been waiting a while.

Both console makers started off by offering their own streaming music services via their gaming platforms.

Sony killed its Music Unlimited in 2015, while also announcing that it would be introducing Spotify on PlayStation. Microsoft still operates Groove Music, which began life as Xbox Music in 2012, but Spotify has the clear advantage in terms of subscriber reach.

Spoticast for SpotifyChances are Microsoft has come to realise that blocking Spotify from the platform isn’t bringing the numbers to Groove. Also, allowing their competitor to have it whilst their own streaming subscriber gamers look over at the greener grass.

To be honest, it might not be a deal breaker but it could be a consideration.

It’s not clear yet when this service will arrive. However, it’s likely Microsoft will announce a slew of software enhancements when the Xbox One X arrives in November.

It might be worth checking in on the community forum though.