Spore on iPhone By Weekend!

The Electric Pig has had a chat with Spore and Sim City creator, Will Wright, who has just revealed that the iPhone version of Spore would go live on Apple’s app store this Friday!


Spore is the ambitious new life simulator from Wright & co that has been developed over the last 7 years.

I think it probably goes without saying that the iPhone version will represent but a portion of the the larger PC and Mac versions but I’m sure it’s gonna be fabulous and highly addictive.

But, on saying that it’s also probably one of the most anticipated titles yet to head to Apple’s blower.

“It has nice graphics, and feel-good music, but it’s not the whole game,” Wright explained.

“It’s just the Cell Stage, but I’ve been told the game will be going live on the App Store this Friday.”

The full puter version also launches on Friday September 5th.

Sporetastic mate! I’m gonna get me this for sure! 🙂

Roll on Friday!!!