Spoonfed free iPhone App – Know What’s Going on and Where in London

spoonfedSpoonfed want to make it less likely that you’ll miss stuff in this glorious capital called Lodon.

I love livining in London as there’s always something to do – but sometimes that can also mean that the chances of me finding out about something after it’s happened is also more likely.

The amount of gigs, burlesque and comedy shows that I’ve missed just because I didn’t read the listings for a week or buy a magazine are innumerable.

Through the mighty power of the iPhone hooked up the knowledgebase of the Spoonfed app you can soon become the go-to-person for all entertainment queries.

You’re dropped slap-bang into the middle of the action with Twitter feeds from venues updating you on what’s going on around you and where, including reviews from critics.

You can even share your own opinions on these events when you get there.

Its radar feature is what’s got me hitting ‘Download App’.

It shows you where you are and a number of pinpoints pop up with real-time information on what’s going down in your locale.

It could be a secret gig, a hidden gem of a pub or news that the concert you’re trekking across London for has been cancelled.

It’s gotta be worth it – as it costs absolutely nothing!

This is also a brilliant app for those visiting the UK Capital and want to catch a West-End show or want to know where to get Great British beer from 🙂

Let me never hear those words, “I’m bored” ever again London-based Gadgety readers!