Spinn Touch Screen – iRiver PMP Available

Yup, the Spinn by iRiver actually has a haptic feedback touchscreen!

The official spec on iriver’s Korean site also says battery life will last 24-hours (not 27) and I can’t see evidence of the promised SD slot. It’s not even in the specs!

The clean (some say boring) lines of the 10.7-mm thick metal and plastic case that sports a 3.3-inch, 480 x 272 pixel AMOLED display, T-DMB TV, Bluetooth, and the new analog SPINN Wheel.

Its currently on pre-order for South Korea with the 4GB model fetching 259,000KRW (about $259) or 8GB for 299,000KRW (about $299).

It’s due for release in the UK next month – well, in a few days/weeks.