Sphero the Robot Ball UK Release and International Roll Out

Sphero Robot Ball UK ReleaseHave you been holding out for a Sphero? You know, everyone’s favourite smartphone-controlled robot ball? Well, it’s all set to roll out to the UK and 95 other countries.

Sphero is one of those items that is set to be the next big thing – mark my words!

This is why I am excited to hear that Sphero will now roll all the way from the US to no less than 95 new countries.

Better still is that you get 10% off the US$160 price by using the genius voucher code GETROLLING.

If you want to get more out of your Sphero than taunting the cat then you should check out the apps.

Currently the Sphero apps allow you to draw a path on your phone for Sphero to copy or you can use the ball as a controller on a smartphone platform game.

This month Orbotix will offer new apps on the App Store and Google Play.

These apps are Chromo’s memory and colour matching game and a very cool looking one from MacroLabs which lets you programm Sphero to change colour and move in different patterns -Android users get multiball capability.

Watch Sphero drive its own car below and then tell me that you don’t want one:

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