Speedlink V-Grip makes Nintendo Switch more comfy

V-grip controllerSpeedlink is aiming to make the Nintendo Switch even more comfortable to use thanks to its new V-Grip.

The company states that the V-Grip will take comfort and grip to the next level on the Nintendo Switch.

The new attachment hands the latest Nintendo console a more ergonomic design and greater comfort when gaming. This is the promise from Speedlink.

This gaming accessory turns the Switch Joy-Cons into a handy gamepad. Furthermore, it sets them at a more comfortable angle.

Speedlink V-Grip

v-grip tablet
Rainer Nawratil, Senior Product Manager at Speedlink explained to GadgetyNews

An ergonomically optimised gamepad improves a gamer’s precision, especially when playing for extended periods – the gamer can concentrate better and control games with greater accuracy. This fact is exactly what our new products for the Nintendo Switch are based on. The slightly angled design of the Joy-Con adapters relieve strain on the wrists, putting less pressure on the gamer. Our two grips complement our extensive range of Switch accessories perfectly.”

V-grip controllerThe V-Grip not only turns two Joy-Cons into a handy gamepad, it even allows them to be attached to the Nintendo Switch itself at an ergonomic angle.

v-grip pairThe Speedlink accessory is shown in grey in the pictures, obviously.

v-grip tablet angleAnd as the V-GRIP costs just €14.99 (RRP) this leaves more than enough money to splash out on one or two new games.

It is available now directly from the Speedlink website.