Speedlink CIUS mouse stylishly wrapped in fabric

speedlink cius redSpeedlink has recently announced the CIUS mouse. Not only is it compact, wireless and ambidextrous, it is covered in fabric and sports silent buttons.

The wireless CIUS mouse is perfect for work on the move. Furthermore, it’s dressed to impress.

Speedlink CIUS

speedlink cius blueThe new mouse features an innovative fabric covering that’s available in three colours. Additionally, it boasts side strips that glow blue.

It not only has the swagger simply buoyed by looks, it also has the chops on the practical side. Firstly, the mouse runs silent thanks to buttons damped to reduce noise by up to 90%. Whether in the office or on the train, neither colleagues nor fellow passengers will be disturbed. Also, at just 60g, it won’t add bulk to your luggage.

speedlink cius greyWhen not in use the mouse can be switched off so it doesn’t go activating itself accidentally in your bag.

Thanks to robust 2.4GHz technology you can use it anywhere within an 8m radius of the computer. Finally, the powerful and adjustable 1,600dpi sensor (800/1,200/1,600dpi) tracks even the slightest of movements with pin-point accuracy.

Price and availability

The CIUS is available in a grey, blue or red fabric covering. It is available now with an RRP of €14.99 so this eye-catcher comes at a stunning price.

Check out the Speedlink website for more information and to order.