Spectrus USB Hub – Art Lebedev’s Homage to Pink Floyd

art_lebedev_spectrusUSB hubs can rarely be called beautiful, attractive or even pleasant to look at. At best we can hope for hidden, small, compact, incongruous and so forth.

But, as usual, the designers at Art Lebedev are at hand to prove me wrong.

Enter Spectrus – the USB hub which adds a bit of Pink Floydiness to your computer rig.

The Russian designers say that it represents a glass prism refracting light into its constituent colours.

I think that they were listening to Dark Side of the Moon and suddenly had an idea sparked by that iconic cover.

Either way, the end result is definetely a break from the norm although I’m thinking that most people wont have cables that correspond to the light conducted ports.

Perhaps those lights will shine onto white or clear USB cables to give the correct effect.

Who knows?

I think this is a must for any prog fan!  🙂

Art Lebedev via Unplugged