Speck Ruck laptop backpack review

Speck Ruck laptop backpack


Build quality











  • Smart looking bag
  • Loads of space
  • Well organised
  • Top handle
  • Laptop and tablet pockets


  • Could be more padded

speck ruck angleMore known for their excellent phone and tablet cases, Speck, have a range of bags. Over the past week-or-so, I have been lugging my gadge around in the Ruck backpack by Speck.

I am a fan of clever bags that protect your tech. Moreover, I love bags that don’t make it obvious that you might have a tablet or laptop cosseted in there.

Speck Ruck design

speck ruck front flatThis 15L rucksack measure 69 x 20 x 48cms. This is quite a compact backpack but don’t let that fool you.

There is plenty of room in here. I have even carried a few LPs as well as other bits and bobs I take to work.

There are four main external zip points to open pockets of various sizes.

speck ruck laptop sectionThe main zipper opens up a laptop compartment which Speck say can handle up to a 15-inch laptop.

My 13-inch Yoga 2 Pro fits nicely (you can just abou see its orange case) and thanks to the ample Air Mesh padding on the rear, is comfortable there. As you can see in the picture above, there is still more than enough room for my DSLR in its case.

Speck Ruck mainMoving forward from the laptop section is the central compartment.

This opens up to provide yet more room for your tech and other essentials.

Here is a pocket for a tablet or smaller laptop. There is also a pocket which I have utilised for a notebook.

Furthermore, there’s a zipped pocket for smaller items as well as smaller pockets for pens and the like.

I have been using this space for motorised gimbals, the powerbrick for my lappy, and even a compact tripod. Most days, as you can see, it holds my breakfast and lunch food containers and a wireless mouse.

speck ruck front flapThen there’s the front flap. Here you get a small quick access zippered area.

This is perfect for passports, sunglassses, and other kit that you need to get your hands on easily.

That’s not all though.

Just pop the straps and, under that flap hides another zipper.

speck ruck laptop rucksack reviewThis is again a great sized compartment. Plenty large enough for tablets, notebooks, and pretty much anything else you have lying around.

Rounding up the storage areas are a pair of external water bottle pockets (holding an umbrella and cardboard tube in the photos).

Speck Ruck performance

The Ruck is constructed from durable polyester fabric. It does feel that it will easily hold up to everyday wear and tear. However, it has not yet been tested in a downpour as yet.


speck ruck backAs I have mentioned in previous rucksack reviews, I prefer this method of load-lugging rather than should-bags as you can better distribute the weight. This is increasingly important if, like me, you tend to load up when going to shows and release events.

[amazon_link asins=’B074686XMT’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]The straps on the Ruck are padded but a little more wouldn’t go amiss at the shoulders.
The Air Mesh lumbar pad is nice and, again, similar at the shoulder blades would not only aid comfort from more padding, but also help with airflow (thus avoiding sweaty back).
I do like the carry handle. A lot. You see, I, like other more considerate commuters, take my rucksack off when on the tube. So, when placing the bag between my feet, having a handle makes it so much easier to collect before alighting.

Speck Ruck review conclusion

I like the Ruck. It is comfortable and it is nicely capacious, especially for its dimensions.
It looks good and I like the feel of the material.
Additionally, it costs a lot less than some other laptop rucksacks we have reviewed here.
If I was to be highly critical then, a little more padding on the shoulder straps and on the rear at shoulder-blade level would be ideal. Also, more of a gap/padding between the bottom edge of the laptop section and the bottom of the bag. I think we’ve all put our bag down a little heavier than we intended. Also, some cable routing for on-the-go charging would have been awesome.
Overall though, this is a great bag.

Price and availability

The Ruck by Speck is available from the Speck website for £55 and is available in Khaki and Charcoal Grey (as reviewed). You are also covered by Specks 3 year warranty.

Amazon has it slightly cheaper at the moment.