Speck FabShell cases wraps your iPhone 5 in soft fabric and a hardshell

http://www.speckproducts.com/iphone-case/iphone-5-cases/fabshell-for-iphone-5.htmlIf you’re looking at buying a pimped out dock for your iPhone 5 you’ll need to sort out a classy cover for your new Apple smartphone. Just as well Speck has launched a range of iPhone 5 cases which combine a hardshell with a fabric finish.

Speck’s new range of colourful fabric finished iPhone 5 cases are part of a new range called FabShell for iPhone 5.

Speck describes FabShell as: “Fresh fabrics and hard-shell protection combine in a form-fitting, one-piece case.”

The new FabShells for iPhone 5 are available now and come in seven different patterns. You can purchase them directly from the Spec online store for $30.

“FabShell wraps fashion and protection into one chic case. With patterns and colors aplenty, this case gives your iPhone more than a little haute couture.”-”Alluring fabrics fit any personality, for a look that’s totally you and a soft touch that feels just right.”

They do look snazzy and having the fabric feel will be a welcome addition when holding your phone out in the cold Autumn air.

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