Speaker Buddies – Scared Kenny-like Kiddies

Alex Underwood wanted to produce some speakers that are meant to capture child-like memories and emotions.

I think his councilor should take him to one-side as all I’m getting from looking into that Kenny-styled hood is fear and “I’m sorry – I wont do that again.  I promise…..!”

But there are some interesting design points other that of the scared-child appearance.

These are still just a design and are constructed from Expanded Polystyrene – a good, cheap, light and largely undervalued material.

The speakers are meant to be used in pairs, and are actually fairly large.

Although shown here in white, manufacturing in EPS allows for a wide range of color options.

I wonder if the speakers just look like that because they know what you’ve just downloaded and about to do now there’s no-one else in the room…………………..