Sparkle 2 review – Xbox One

sparkle 2 start10 tons have let loose Sparkle 2 onto Xbox One and if gorgeous, quick fire puzzlers are your thing then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s easy to get taken in by the visuals here and think you’re in a calm place, but Sparkle 2 will greatly test your reflexes, nerve and ability to make quick orb matching decisions.

The gameplay of Sparkle 2 is straightforward, but executed impressively in its simplicity. If you’re new to Crowberry Woods, Sparkle 2 is a match three shooter.

Using your slinger (which is fixed and can only rotate), your task is to smash marbles of the same colour before they slither down a set path and disappear unscathed. Different coloured maples join the foray and create a long snake like chain, so you’ll need quick reflexes and eagle eyes to move forward through each magical path.

sparkle 2 reviewDue to its addictive nature and wealth of content, Sparkle 2 is really hard to put down.

There are a whopping 91 levels and that’s just on normal difficulty.

If you want to get 1000G you’ll have to play your quest again on Hard and Nightmare difficulty. It’s certainly no easy feat.

sparkle 2 screenshotThrow in survival mode, a whole chest of power ups and wonderful gem popping action and you’ve got an Xbox One gem on your hands.

Sparkle 2 review conclusion

Sparkle 2 is a quick thinking, whimsical, Catherine wheel of majestic wonder. Feeling puzzled never felt so good.

Score: 8/10

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