Spain’s Momit home thermostat to rival nest – Promises 30% energy savings

momit home thermostat kitSpanish energy company Momit has launched a range of affordable and stylish thermostats for energy conscious consumers who want an intelligent device to control household temperature and save money.

As an alternative to Google’s Nest or the German tado, let’s look at Momit’s flagship product.

The Momit Home Thermostat has an attractive display that provides thermal information about your home. The thermostat detects when people are at home, and learns your habits and estimates consumption. Momit Home Thermostat can control both your boiler and heating.

How does it save you money?

Knowing when the heating goes on and taking the weather and outside temperature into consideration, Momit Home Thermostat is able to estimate energy costs in the current month and set limits for the upcoming month.

Through the Momit Home Thermostat app’s My Budget function, consumers can optimise temperature in order to reduce costs without sacrificing comfort. The unique app function allows users to set a heating budget and limits, saving money on energy bills.

momit heating control living roomFor new users, Momit recommends the Momit Home Thermostat Starter Kit which includes two main devices: one thermostat and one gateway (internet bridge plugged to your router that gives internet access to the thermostat).

Features summary for Momit Home Thermostat

  • Presence and lighting sensors
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Saves up 30% of heating costs and Co2 emissions
  • Geo-localisation feature
  • Works 24/7 to make sure the house is just as heated as it needs to be
  • The kit measures temperature and humidity
  • Controls heating directly on the device or via an app
  • Is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices
  • Available in five colours – Pure Black, Steel Silver, Luxury Gold, Red Dahlia and Summer Blue.


The Momit Home Thermostat can be installed by simply in less than 30 minutes:

[youtube id=”QSNjB-cYxYY”]

Price and availability

The Momit Home Thermostat starter kit costs £99.00 from, delivery 3 – 5 working days.

If you want to move the thermostat from room to room, a £29 Momit extension kit can make your thermostat portable.