Space Invaders Headphones – Retro Gaming Noise Bringers

si-headphones2So, you got a new iPod or iPhone from the fat bearded guy and you love the classic shoot-em up, Space Invaders?

How about if there was a way to show your love for the now retro coin-op via your choice of cans?

These Space Invaders headphones come in two different colour combos:  Black and white or pink, black and white.

You know how that I’m generally wary of remarking on the noise given out from ‘novelty’ noise-makers but these do look cool and will probably be no worse than the ibuds that come with Apple flavoured products.

Anyone that managed to get a pre-order in, will soon be receiving their set of headphones since they have already shipped out. If you’re interested in picking up your own it will cost you $25.90 from NCSX Shop.