SoundPEATS Q30 magnetic Bluetooth earphones review

SoundPEATS Q30 Bluetooth earphones


Build quality






Sound quality





  • Comfortable
  • Range of tips and wings
  • Surprising sound quality
  • Understated looks
  • That price!


  • For just over £20? Nothing.

soundpeats q30 reviewYes. Another unfamiliar brand offering wireless audio. So, an odd name but how do the SoundPEATS Q30 earbuds perform?

I must admit, I have actually heard of SoundPEATS before, but only through my TechAddicts buddy, Gareth. He reviewed the Q16 totally wireless buds a couple of months-or-so ago.

Well, the company has kindly sent me the Q30 and the Q29 earbuds to have a look at and listen to.

The Q30 are a familiar design being Bluetooth earphones joined by a cable between the buds.

However, does the attractive price belie their performance?

SoundPEATS Q30 design

soundpeats q30 wingsThe SoundPEATS Q30 earphones pack 6mm drivers inside their comparatively long, cylindrical housings.

The reasoning behind some of that extra length is that they also are equipped with magnets at the end. This means that when you are not listening to some choice tracks you can simply wear the earphones around your neck.

soundpeats q30 magnetic backsAs the buds are magnetic, they’ll snap together, back-to-back. Cool, yeah?

soundpeats q30 topTo be honest, the Q30s don’t stick out that much, so don’t worry.

They are also pretty good looking things, too. The ones that I have here are all black with just the SoundPEATS ‘S’ emblazoned in gunmetal at the ends.

The metallic casing is apparently covered in a nano coating, which is nice. I think it is this that gives the earphones their IPX4 sweat proof rating.

soundpeats q30 controllerOff the right-hand bud dangles an in-line remote. It’s quite basic but does the job.

This also houses the recharging port.

As well as a carry bag you get a bunch of things to ensure you get the best possible fit.

There are:

  • 5 pairs interchangeable ear tips
  • 3 pairs interchangeable ear fins

This means that there is no earthly good reason why these buds won’t stay in your ears.

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SoundPEATS Q30 performance

The Q30 quickly and effortlessly paired with my phone and we were good to go.

After trying out different tips and wings I settled for the ones that were already fitted. Typical, huh?

The in-line controls didn’t drag at the earphones at all. Although, if it did, there is a clip bundled in with everything else. SoundPEATS are nothing, if not generous.

soundpeats q30 controller backCharging from drained takes around 1½ hours but this gives you around 8 hours use.

Charging is simple; using the supplied USB cable you plug it in to the volume control on the cable of the earphones and plug the other end in to an active computer USB port.

The LED will be red while charging, turning blue when complete.

soundpeats techThe Q30 also boast Qualcomm’s CVC 6.0 noise cancellation. With that also comes the CSR chip and APT-X Bluetooth.

Sound quality

Heading out the door on the first day with the SoundPEATS Q30 wasn’t good.

I am not a morning person and I rely on music to actually get me to work in the guise of someone able to play nice with others. Unfortunately, the audio coming through the Q30 was shrill. It was as if someone had ramped up the mids and high mids. Cymbals were painful and the lack of anything except the lowest of lows to balance it out made for a painful experience.

‘Rocks’ by Primal Scream was just about bearable at this point.

soundpeats q30After about 30 minutes, I noticed a change. I was able to turn up the volume as Iron Horse brilliantly covered Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ in a Bluegrass stylee. It seemed that the SoundPEATS were beginning to loosen up. Phew!

After an hour at lunch using them to assist my watching ‘Shooter’ from my tablet I was actually looking forward to the return journey.

Once settled on the train home I selected ‘Feel’ by Farao. The Norwegian’s knack of mixing instrumentation gives her tracks great depth. The SoundPEATS Q30 did not disappoint. Reproducing convincing lows, even sub vibes. The mids had started to even out without the earlier ugly spikes.

The high-end, no longer raspy and abrasive started to provide a clarity and lightness that complimented the newly discovered round lows.

Excitedly I punched in a true test. The album: The Clown by Charles Mingus, and its opening 12:00 minute masterpiece, ‘Haitian Fight Song’.

The sound of Mingus’ upright bass is gradually joined by soft percussion and then brass. This all eventually builds up in to a rawkus, and somewhat dark call-and-response riffing with some excellently insistent rhythmic interplay. Excellent stuff, and the Q30 didn’t disappoint. As Blue Cee started up I had to remind myself that the earphones I was listening to this through were much less than £50.

SoundPEATS Q30 review conclusion

With a RRP of £39.99 but currently selling for under £22 on Amazon there is little wrong with these earphones.

The mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon appear to agree. Yes, the reproduction to start with was harsh, to say the least. Tantamount to having icy cold water splashed in your face by way of a “good morning”.

However, stick with them and in about 2 hours you will be rewarded. After then, it still gets better. After needing its first recharge, all is good.

The wings and tips kept the earphones in my lugs, even with some mild headbanging.

SoundPEATS Q30 price and availability

As already revealed. You can have a set of Q30 wireless earphones for £21.93 right now with Prime free delivery from Amazon.