Soundiiz review – transfer iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, rdio, Soundcloud playlists

soundiiz pageTidal, the hi-fi music streaming service, did have a facility that allowed you to transfer your Spotify playlists over to it but, as a house party I was throwing was getting nearer, I could not find it so I guess it may have been a casualty of the refresh. What I did find though was Soundiiz.

I still get a kick out of making playlists, it must be from my time of making mix tapes and then mix cds. The thing is, if you’ve made a great playlist on iTunes or Spotify, how do you move it over to Tidal?

As it transpires, Tidal has a partnership with Soundiiz.

Chances are you’ve probably never heard of Soundiiz before so let me clue you in a bit. Soundiiz is a website that automatically transfers playlists from one music app to another.

All you have to do is connect, say, your Spotify account (that’s clearly the competitor Tidal is targeting most with this move), and then simply drag and drop playlists over to Tidal. Then Soundiiz will do the rest.

Not only that, Soundiiz can also bring over stuff from Soundcloud, Xbox Music, Rdio, and even iTunes playlist files. Genius!

soundiiz createdThis really did save me a huge amount of time as I wanted to stream the tunes through my main Hi-Fi system and using lower rated files just wouldn’t do. Thankfully Soundiiz does work, and rather quickly too.

Granted, it does feel a bit ‘I just made this in my shed’ rather than a slick utility with it’s slightly imperfect machine translations (I am assuming – either that or just bad use of English), a smattering of banner ads and that PayPal donate button. Actually, it all feels like one of those illegal streaming sites if I’m honest.

soundiizTo give Soundiiz it’s due, it openly says that the whole operation is in beta so perhaps I am being more than a little harsh here.

The great thing is that I painlessly transferred a 13 hour+ playlist over from Spotify to Tidal without any real issue. There were some missing tracks as well as some tracks being replaced by karaoke versions(!) but I’m putting that down to holes in Tidal’s catalogue rather than anything weird with Soundiiz.

If you ever need your iTunes playlist bounced over to a streaming service, or just one streamer to another, then I’d definitely say give Soundiiz a go – it’s also not going to do Jay Z & Co’s streaming client any harm either 😉