Sound and Vision, The Bristol Show 2017

AVM-rigIt has already been 11 days since I left The Bristol Show 2017. How time flies. But, I am sure you’re still hungry to read what my Sound and Vision highlights were.

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Bristol Show 2017 review

This was my third visit to the Marriott City Centre Hotel to attend the show.

As soon as I get in to Bristol, the excitement from the expectation of experiencing some of the very best Hi-Fi the world has to offer hits Christmas morning levels. Well, almost. I really am just a big kid.

Tackling Sound and Vision 2017

I allowed two days to wander around the show. Day one being handed over to catching up with friends and contacts (who are now friends) as well as a number of launch presentations.

ELACDay two was when I was unleashed and allowed to roam free. It is amazing how, even with a detailed floor guide, it is still possible to miss displays.

I usually put this down to me rushing around but, with a full day ahead of me, there were rooms that still managed to evade me.

DYNAUDIO-BOWIEExpect to read about The Chord Company, Chord Electronics, DALI, Loewe, Acoustic Energy, Quad, and much more.

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