SooLoos Multiroom Lossless Media Hub

sooloos-controloneSoo Loos.

Wasn’t she the pig botherer on that ‘celebrity’ reality farm thingy?

Never mind.

This Sooloos is prepared to drag you away from your Sonos media hub.

After getting the details I have to admit I’m adding this system to my ‘If I Had The Cash I’d Buy One’ list.

Sooloos has matched a great server interface with ear-loving compression free audio. Yup, all of your music is stored at optimum-quality Flac for playback through your hi-fi.

You can tell the market that this aimed at when you discover that the system can be sent to 100 rooms (or you can give all your neighbours a treat in the highrise!).

Sooloos are a helpful bunch as they even offer to preload your system with the first 2500 CDs in your collection for free so once you’re hooked up you can play – to add to that the system will also make a 192kbps MP3 file of the same tunes for transferring to your iPod.

Nice 🙂

The Control:One control hub looks pretty clean and intuative and centres around the 17in touchpanel that displays all you need to drive the system. It is also the point that houses the CD drive for ripping discs.

You can also port the interface on to your iPod Touch or iPhone!

Control:One links via Ethernet to Source:One which is pretty much the preamp and hooks up to your hi-fi like a seperate CD player, etc.

Then there’s the bit where all of your tunes live. Store:One.

It looks like it is advised that you have 2 of these: One for the choonz and the other as a backup.

The storage seems to come in 1TB chunks which is able to hold 2500 albums in Flac.

Up to 3TB can be installed in each mirrored pair (7200 albums in total) and you can continue to add Store:Ones.

As you can imagine this is not budgety basement stuff and in this current crunchy climate the price may send most of you running shrieking the anthem of “HOW MUCH!!!???!!” but, as I’ve already said, if I had the money………..£11,2700 worth I’d probably be ordering one right now.