Sony’s JS190J All-in-one Desktop Get’s Tested

When I saw Sony’s new all-in-one desktop lineup spotted at CEDIA 2008 even I could see that Sony’s designers must have worked long and hard.

The reviewers over at CNet managed to grab a VAIO VGC-JS190J (near the lower end of the range) and put it through the paces.

It seems that it pleased the critics who exclaimed that it was the “best deal” going for an all-in-one desktop with an inbuilt Blu-ray drive.

They were also rejoycing over the fact that they found it “relatively free of software clutter.”

One point that they brought up was that 20″ is not enough to be watching Blu-ray on.

To finish they underlined the review with “no other all-in-one, including Apple’s iMac, could do as much, as fast, for the same price.”

Sounds impressive to me.

CNet Review