Sony’s Blu-Ray Beauties

Sony Blu-RayThe BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 are Sony’s first fully specced-up Blu-ray spinners – if you ignore the PS3 – how could we?

Both models have Ethernet ports for accessing BD-Live online bonus content in the future – and the possibility of firmware updates, USB sockets for hooking up external storage devices and both conform to BD Profile 1.1, which means you can get a side order of picture-in-picture video and other lovely interactive stuff served up with your Hi-Def movies.

Specwise the S550 has more than the S350; bragging 1GB of built-in storage and 7.1-channel analogue audio outputs (the S350 has 5.1).  Both players deliver full HD 1080p pictures at 24 frames per second, plus lossless Dolby and DTS surround sound.  Basically all the things Blu-Ray is supposed to deliver but few players have actually managed it as yet.

But woah there boy!!!  Don’t get your running shoes and wad of cash just yet.  These are earmarked for US only –  and they won’t even get them til the end of Summertime. 

They’ll cost $400 and $500 depending on spec.