Sony Xperia will be Released as Planned – X1

XperiaThere has been a smattering of rumours and grape-vine murmers that the Xperia would not be outed til 2009.

Word of these delays surfaced when the unofficial Sony Ericsson blog noticed SE’s official site touting a release date of 10th February 2009 – exactly a year after its announcement at Mobile World Congress.  Booo!!!!

Thankfully this date turned out to be an error from SE and the spanky new X1 will enter the mobile markey later this year, as planned.  Rah!!

In a statement issued to this lunchtime Senior UK Marketing Manger Richard Dorman said: ” (the) X1 will, as previously communicated, launch during 2H 2008. Any other information is merely rumours and speculation.”

So there.