Sony Xperia S – UK Release and Price Revealed

Sony Xperia UK Release and PricingI enjoyed my hands-on time with the Sony Mobile NXT range and you will be able to get one in your pocket very soon – and Three has told me how much it will cost.

The Sony Xperia S is a nice phone with a lot of good points, but it’s always the pricing that can make or break the next big hit.

It does have a range of impressive kit worthy of noting. A 1.5GHz dual-core processor pushes things along whilst a very sharp 12-megapixel camera which features an Exmor sensor and Carl Zeiss lens.

You get 32GB of internal storage so you have plenty of room to shove your pics, music and those 1080p video clips that you’ve recorded using your Xperia S – all ready to watch on that Bravia Engined 720p HD screen.

There’s even NFC tech on board for wireless payments and playing around with those SmartTags.

If this sounds yummy to you then you will be able to snaffle and Xperia S from Three on Friday on contract from £30 per month. If you fancy the Pay As You Go style then you’re looking at £370 less a penny.

O2 did have it listed as low as £21.50 per month and there’s even some SIM free options if you have the cash.

Yup, flagship pricing for Sony’s first flagship phone since breaking up with Ericsson.

My main confusion is the fact that this flagship will land with Android Gingerbread and not the bang-up-to-date Ice Cream Sandwich.

Apparently there will be an update very soon but is it a mistake for a top ranking blower to appear with last season’s clobber?

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