Sony Walkman W250 Sports Player – Wearable and Water Resistant

Sony have bounced out with the ever-so sporty Walkman W250 Series.

The Walkman W250 is their latest wearable music player which also happens to be their first wire-free MP3 player.

Designed for the rigours of the open road the player and headphones are water-resistant so as well as wearing it when you’re sweating in the gym, you can safely listen to tunes when Fell Running or just leave them on when you hit the shower.

The W250 comes equipped with the easy to use ZAPPIN, so you can flick through playlists and folders. Because you’re probably never sat still long enough the new Walkman has a quick charge function which only needs a 3 minute zap to give you enough charge for 90 minutes playtime. When fully charged the W250 will last 11 hours.

I only wish my stamina and recovery time was similar 😉

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