Sony VAIO Z – Carbon Fibre Ultraportable Laptop UK Price

Sony’s new Vaio Z has been unveiled to the European press and it certainly looks like an attractive and portable machine – the specs aint bad either 😉

The 13.1-inch netbook has a monster seven hour battery life that’ll give even a Google Chromebook a run for its money.

The Vaio Z is very man-bagably thin and, as it’s crafted from carbon fibre, it weighs less than 1.2 kilos. The flat battery also means that there are no unsightly bulges to ruin that sleek silhouette.

The screen has a 1600×900 res, and under the bonnet purrs a 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 256GB flash drive, and 8GB RAM. So the Viao Z should be able to cope with pretty much everything you’ll throw at it.

Perhaps gamers may be a bit lost with Intel’s HD graphics 3000 which is also housed in that slender frame. Thankfully the Z comes with a Power Media Dock which quietly rumbles with the power of an AMD Radeon 6650M GPU with 1GB memory connected via Light Peak – your HD films will cause this no problems and games should be fine methinks. Try getting another ultra-light lappy to do that.

If 7 hours isn’t enough longevity for you on a single charge then there’s the optional Smart Battery which be charged separately and when both batteries are used you’ll be rewarded with a silly 16.5 hours of puter life.

You can keep all that confidential business stuff safe thanks to the biometric sensor which is used to log in and unlock the machine and files can be protected with the built-in fingerprint recognition security and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology.

The Vaio Z is due to land in the UK at the end of July and prices start at an OMG inducing £1,434.00

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