Sony VAIO T Ultrabook Announced

Sony VAIO T UltrabookUltrabooks have been around for a while now and Sony has just announced the VAIO T which is their first true Ultrabook.

Sony already has a very skinny laptop in the high-end VAIO Z so what is the VAIO T about then?

Well, the VAIO T is encased in a 17.8mm-thick brushed metal body that pushes right up against the 18mm limit specified by Intel to start with.

You get the option of 11-inch or 13-inch versions with the latter coming in at 1366 x 768 — Sony hasn’t seen fit to mention the 11-inch model’s resolution.

Under the hood lives an Intel Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor (wot no Ivy Bridge?) which has 4GB RAM, and integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics to keep it company.

Your stuff is stored on a solid state drive or a hybrid system which pairs a 320GB hard drive with SSD cache memory for faster bootup times.

Sony is claiming nine hours of battery life for the SSD-only model.

Around the sides you’ll find one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI outlets, an Ethernet socket and an SD card reader. So, pretty much sorted connectivity-wise.

I like the way Sony products look and the VAIO T is no exception. The finish of the magnesium and aluminium chassis looks classy and the VAIO badge is generally worn proudly by those that can afford the gear. This is what I will wait to see before making any judgements.

The price, hopefully, will be way under their asking for the VAIO Z – but will it be enough to woo people away from the gorgeous HP Spectre?

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