Sony Ultimate Weapon 3D Audio Gaming Headphones

Sony believes that when it comes to first person shooters what you can hear is often as important as what you can see.

Ideally, what you need is something that will kick out 3D surround sound direct to your lugholes.

Perhaps some headphones with a name that would leave you without any doubt what kind of user they’re aimed at…..

A name such as Ultimate Weapon…..

Whaddya know – that’s exactly what Sony’s brand-spanking new DR-GA500 cans will do!

This gaming headset comes partnered with a separate Dolby Pro Logic IIx box to process your computer’s audio into 7.1-channel surround sound and the all important mic for taunting your foes from around the globe.

If that’s a little too involved you could always opt for the GA-200 model which doesn’t bother with that extra processing.

For maximum comfort on those long sessions both headsets sport super special “triple enfolding” padding – so no more excuses of uncomfy cans distracting you being the reason for the amount of ‘friendly fire’ you’ve been dishing out.

As an extra gaming bonus you’ll get a free copy of the latest ‘Medal of Honour’ single player with your new headgear.

As per usual there’s no word on prices but expect them to appear around mid-October.

Effects/special features40mm drive units (Headset)

7.1ch digital surround; compression(Processor)

40mm drive units (Headset)
ControlsFPS mode; compression on/off; volume; microphone muteVolume; microphone mute
Triple enfolding designYY
Integrated boom microphoneYY
PC interface Analogue(7.1ch)/USBDual plug
Cable informationHeadphones to signal processor 1.5M; processor to PC,       7.1ch multi analogue :1.8M  or USB 1.5M2.5M
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