Sony Stop Making OLED TV’s – Will Still Sell Them to Westerners

Were you thinking that the televisual future was in the hands of OLED screens?

Sony thinks not and is halting its OLED TV production in Japan and will be ending sales once its existing stock runs out.

Sales will continue, however, in America and Europe.

Apparently the Sony XEL-1 11in OLED TV just wasn’t popular enough in Japan even with a monthly production capacity of just 2000 units.

Sony spokesperson, Shinji Obana, said: “We see the demand for the model has run its course in Japan but we will continue sales overseas and research and development activities in OLED.”

So, is it that Europeans and Americans are more easily pleased or more susceptible to the pull of new tech?

Have Sony got something bigger, better and brighter hidden up their sleeves?

Could the goggleboxes future be shaped by things like the CellTV?

Let me know below 🙂

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