Sony Steroescpic 3D Prototype Live in Tokyo – Video: No Glasses Required

Sony3DDisplay HeadThe moment made famous by R2D2 slinging out a 3D image of a certain Princess is getting closer to reality.

This Sony prototype is now on show in the flesh in Tokyo.

Check out the vid below and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the 96 by 128 pixel res – apparently when seeing it first-hand the objects appear to have depth, and can be viewed from all angles.

The prototype is about 10.6 inches tall (and 5.1 inches in diameter) but it seems that Sony doesn’t really know what to do with it next.

Obviously this is new tech and is still under development – but the cool thing is that you don’t need special glasses to witness the 3D glory 🙂

So – Hologram telly must be next yeah?


Here’s the vid anyhow:

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